About Owl Track

Owl Track is a fully interactive system helping nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and children’s centres keep track of early years development. It gives you accurate information for Ofsted and helps you keep parents up to date with their child’s progress. It’s quick and easy to use, so you’ll spend less time on paperwork and more time on providing the best early years education.

Record observations and link them to the EYFS

Through regular recording of observations and linking them to the EYFS, Owl Track will easily inform a settings planning. The program will also determine if a child is achieving within the expected age bands. This can be viewed on a child's report and will highlight any gaps in their learning and development. 

Prepare Individual Learning Plans

Owl Track helps settings  to meet individual needs by creating an Individual Learning Plan for each child. Knowledge, observations and assessments are recorded on the plan  and used to inform next steps.

Create reports at the touch of a button

Owl Track enables you to quickly and accurately create reports to track and monitor progress for individual children and cohorts such as EAL or gender.There is also a format for two year development checks and developmental summary reports.

Support children with additional needs

Owl Track is a great tool for helping to support children who have additional needs. If any information is added regarding a child's individual learning needs a red SEN sign becomes visible which makes the Key worker aware that additional support may be needed.

Add news about your setting

News and information can easily be displayed on the site. For example parents can be reminded about forthcoming events or warned about emergency closures.

Keep in touch with parents

Parents will be able to amend their own details ensuring a setting always has the latest up-to-date contact information.

They can access their child's profile at anytime, anywhere, keeping them up to date with their progress. Parents are able to add information and photographs which helps to build an overall picture of each child's development.


When a child leaves the setting, rather than delete them from the system, we give you the option to archive their records. This is an important feature, because should that child rejoin your setting at a future date you can simply retrieve their details from the archive.

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